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about VRFs and RD

1)Assume a PE connecting 10 sites of company,must I config 10 VRF tables? when my MPLS-VPN has 1K VPN-clients,whether I must config 1k VRFs in PE?


router(config)#ip vrf vrf-name

router(config-vrf)#rd 100:1

router(config-vrf)#route-target both 100:1

My question is about format of rd.Look the example,'100' signify the RD,but what meaning about the '1',is it a outer label distinguishing ip address of the same site?

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Re: about VRFs and RD

I’ve run into a similar situation and couldn’t find anything to help me out. If you find an answer please be sure to post it on the board for everyone. Thanks

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Re: about VRFs and RD

I have worked with MPLS in the lab and discovered the following. MPLS RD tags can be of the following

form AS#:1 or IP Address:1. This is the format.

Once you create the vrf name, you must then

apply the VRF to the interface. Always apply the vrf name to the interface first, since it will wipe out the ip address.

interface eth0/0

ip vrf vrf-name

ip address

There should only be 1 VRF table for the ten sites you are configuring. VRF tables apply to the whole VPN.

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