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Access a public IP using a private alias address

I have a rather compicate task to do on a Pix firewall and I am not sure if it is supported or how I could do it. My current IOS ver is 6.3

I have a PIX firewall that separates to lans, a set of public servers and my internal management LAN.

Suppose my private lan is and my public is

What I want to do is hosts in Private Lan to access a couple of hosts in public LAN by using a private address.

To be more specific suppose I have a public host with IP and I want a management host in private LAN to access the above host by using IP So if a host in Private LAN ( tries to access services of the specific host on the public LAN, will be able to telnet it, ftp it, by using instead of

Can anyone help me?

Private IP ----(>|)---- Public IP's

( ) (

(Alias Host A: --->(Host A:

What I also forgot to mention is that currently I am using interface PAT and would rather leave it like that if possible to work with the above scenario.


Re: Access a public IP using a private alias address

Is the public host actually on the outside interface, or is it on a dmz and being NAT'ed by the firewall?

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Re: Access a public IP using a private alias address

The public host is outside the interface. The thing is that other private LAN segments exist on the INTERNAL network as well.

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