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access list in pix 506


I am using pix 506, and one of our user wants to connect to yahoo messanger,

can any one help me on how enable yahoo port thru. pdm program.

Thank you all for yourhelp.



Re: access list in pix 506

There are actually several ports you will need to open some for outbound and some for inbound. I suggest you open the outbound ( client ) only.

nat (inside) 1 access-list Inside_Out

global (outside) 1 interface

access-list Inside_Out permit tcp host any eq 5050

access-list Inside_Out permit tcp host any eq 80

access-list Inside_Out permit tcp host any eq 5100

access-list Inside_Out permit tcp host range 5000 5001

access-list Inside_Out permit udp host range 5000 5010

NOTE: if you have an access-list aplpied to teh inside interface then you need to modify that access list accordingly.

I hope it helps .. please rate it if it does !!!

Ports Yahoo! Messenger uses!

Yahoo! Messenger services uses a variety of ports.

Service Ports

Chat & Messenger TCP Port 5050: Client Access only

Insider/Room Lists TCP Port 80: Client Access only

File Transfer TCP Port 80: Server Access.

Your ISP may block this port, as its used for web hosting.

You can change port in Messenger, Preferences, File Transfer.

Voice Chat UDP 5000-5010

TCP 5000-5001: Client Access

If UDP Fails, TCP will be used instead, see below.

WebCam TCP Port 5100: Client Access

Super Webcam TCP Port 5100: Server Access

P2P Instant Messages TCP Port 5101: Server Access

PMs between Buddys may not use the Yahoo! Server, but this is not a requirement.

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