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Access List

I configured an standard access-list in order to permit the access (to an A network) to only 2 PCs from a 20 PC LAN (Network B). It has been working till I tried to add another PC in the access list. After I included the other PC in the access list, the pings from this PC in the network B to the Network A worked, however when I tried to telnet, it didn't work.

Now, I cleared up the access list in the 7206 router, no access list is configured, but just few PCs from the B network are able to telnet the PCs in the A network, though all the PCs can issue successful pings. most of the PCs in the B network can not perform the telnets.

Please justify and give a solution.

Thanks in advance


Re: Access List

since no access list is configured and all PC are able to ping each other,did you check if all PCs have telnet server enabled??

You can have restrictions on telnet on the PCs themselves(I am guessing that all PCs are running some kind of telnet service or you cannot telnet into them otherwise)

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