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Access PIX using other IP that inside or outside ip address interface

I need to make accessibile my pix using a ip management class but i cannot configure this ip addressing class on the outside interface or inside interface.

My goal is to reach the pix (telnet or SSH) using an ip from the management class from the outside interface.

I know that secondary addressing is not support on the pix, so i've tried static nat trying to nat inside interface ip to this external ip, but without success.

Anyone has solved this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Re: Access PIX using other IP that inside or outside ip address

A little confused by your question, but are you trying to telnet/SSH to a PIX interface address from another interface? If so, forget it, you can't do it, the PIX internal security algorithm doesn't allow you to do this. Similarly you'll find you can't ping an interface address from another interface.

There is talk of them changing this in the next release of code cause a lot of customers would like to be able to do this, particularly with say, having a bunch of PIX getting DHCP addresses on their outside interfaces and building VPN's back to a central location. Unless you can ping the known inside IP address, it's impossible to tell if the remote PIX are working properly.

For now tohugh, you can't do this (assuming I'm understanding your question correctly). Creating statics, etc won't help either.

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