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ACL's on PIX 515 question.

I have a question about how ACL's are applied. I already have a pretty extensive ACL applied to the in interface outside. It seems that when I apply a newly created ACL (with a different identifier number) and then remove it, the original extensive ACL gets removed from the interface as well. Is this normal behavior for the PIX? Maybe I am doing something wrong? Thanks.


Re: ACL's on PIX 515 question.


I am not 100% sure exactly what you mean but one thing to remeber is that only one ACL is applied per interace. Meaning, if you already have an access-list applied to your outside interface (for instance: access-group 101 in interface outside) and you create a new access-list (with a different identifier) and apply it to the outside interface (for instance: access-group 102 in interface outside), the previous entry is over-written by access-list 102. So, I am speculating that 'access-list 101 in interface outside' is actually removed when you enter in 'access-list 102 in interface outside' rather than when you remove the command. The actual access-list 101 should still persist in the aconfig (i.e access-list 101 permit tcp any host eq www, etc...). If I am reading this wrong, please let me know. Hope this helps.


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Re: ACL's on PIX 515 question.

You answered my question perfectly.


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