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ACS 3.2 and PEAP - Can NOT get certificate intalled!

I am incredibly frustrated by what should be an easy task. I have an ACS 3.2, and want to use PEAP for wireless client authentication, but have gotten nowhere despite:

1. Purchasing a "WLAN" certificate from Verisign (installed in IE, untouchable in ACS).

2. Deployed W2K cert server, and went through all the steps in many different ways to create a certificate. Went so far as to download it several times...again, in IE, but unable to go anywhere in ACS.

The errors I encounter in ACS vary. One is a "this private key does not fit" , and yes, it is the same key file and the correct password.

When I attempt bypass that and use the install from store, the progress bar makes to 30%, and then hangs and hangs and hangs. I even let it go for a a day...nothing.

What is wrong with ACS? Because the problem is ACS and its refusal to work with any certificate at all. I used tried web browswer, wlan, server, etc. types of certificates, to no avail.

I followed the instructions provided by Cisco to no avail.

Does anyone have a working set of intructions that actually work?

TIA, please reply to



Re: ACS 3.2 and PEAP - Can NOT get certificate intalled!

I've attached some instructions. Hope it helps....

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Re: ACS 3.2 and PEAP - Can NOT get certificate intalled!

Can you please resend the attachment which has the procedure. I am trying to install a verisign certtificate to my ACS but I am encountering problems

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