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ACS 4.2 not replicating AAA client config

In the "System Configuration > ACS Internal Database Replication" I have selected the "Network Configuration Device tables" send entry on the outbound sender and the receive entry on the inbound receiver.

The AAA NDG groups themselves come across OK but they are all empty, no AAA clients are received.

All other config looks good i.e. users etc. How can I troubleshoot this? thanks in advance for any advice.


Re: ACS 4.2 not replicating AAA client config

Network Device Group (NDG) information may not be displayed on the secondary server after replication. There won't be any indication on the primary or secondary server that replication failed.

The workaround is to restart the server, since the missing information was replicated, but is just not being displayed.\

See this bug



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Re: ACS 4.2 not replicating AAA client config

Thanks for the reply.

The bug description say it was first found in 3.3 But it doesn't say in what release it was fixed, I'm running 4.2 on Windows.

Anyway, the workaround which is to reboot, doesn't work for me.

CSCsf06306 Bug Details

Status Fixed (Verified)

1st Found-In 3.3(3.1)

Re: ACS 4.2 not replicating AAA client config

I would suggest to open a TAC case. Seems to be a new defect that needs to be investigated.



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