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ACS Service

Hi, I have problem with the service in my ACS, the services status is:




CSLog Stopping

CSMon Starting

CSRadius Starting


But the service dont Star, when I restart the server

What can I do to Up the service?


Re: ACS Service

You need to isolate the issue here, what cause this services not to start? was a patch applied? what is the ACS version and what is the Box Windows platform?

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Re: ACS Service


The ACS server has been operating 1 years. Three days ago the state of services has changed.

Reinstalling the application, I lose the configuration of the ACS?

ACS version 4.0

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Re: ACS Service

I believe it asks you if you want to keep a copy of the backup when you are uninstalling the ACS, however it would be better if you had kept a backup of your configuration, was there any update applied to your Windows box? You have not answered about the OS and Service packs on this box.

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Re: ACS Service

The client don't have a backup, and the server has not been updated and is not installed any patch that has caused this problem. I would like reinstall the application ACS in the server, keeping the current configuration of the server. (The administration site is not available because the service is not operational, for an request backup)

Re: ACS Service

Right, so what is the OS version and what Service pack does this server has on it

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Re: ACS Service

Thanks for your time, imartino

The OS is Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 1

Because the web administration is down, is there a method or command (MSDOS) that allows backup the system configuration and the database of users and groups?


Re: ACS Service

There is a way, you need to use the CSUtil application to create the backup, however since some of the services are down I am not sure it will work like this, what you would need to do is the next: Open the Services Console of the server and find all of the CS services on it, CSAuth, CSTacacs, CSRadius, CSMon, CSDbsync and so on. For those that are starting and are not started edit the properties and select the starting method to be Manual instead of automatic Once that is done then reboot the server, this will prevent those services to keep trying to start and fail. Once those services that are not working do not start then you can use the CSUtil and follow the link:

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