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ACS3.0 Tacacs+ and ppp multilink or not multilink


i have a c3640 with a single pri.

I wont configure on the ACS two User-Groups.

One Group for ppp multilink, one Group for not ppp multilink.

Is this possible.

if yes, please send me the IOS commands and the ACS Config.

Best Regards Joe

Cisco Employee

Re: ACS3.0 Tacacs+ and ppp multilink or not multilink

Hmmm, have never tested this, but you could possibly do it one of two ways.

First way, set up a standard multilink configuration on teh router, and do ppp/network authentication/authorization. Under the user profile on ACS, return a VSA Radius attribute of the type:


with Framed-Protocol=PPP. "n" is the maximum number of links to use is a multilink bundle, so you could theoretically select 1 or 2 dependent on your usernames. You could also configure this attribute in an ACS group obviously.

Second way, is to configure two Virtual-Profile interfaces on the router, one with multilink and one without. Then on the ACS server, specify the VSA as follows:


with Framed-Protocol = PPP, and where "string" is the virtual-profile interface name. This should force that ACS user/group to use a specific interface configuration.

Check out for the documentation. Note that this page, even though it says TACACS pairs, is also the Radius pairs cause they're the same.

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