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Active/Active Configs

I have 2 ASAs in transparent mode, with multiple contexts, active/active config. I do not want to load balance. Do I need to define that in the system exec space?

Also, I want to enable telnet to both ASAs. I've configured an IP to the primary ASA's admin context, is it as simple as defining another unique IP in the secondary ASA? My concern is if mate replication occurs, the primary & secondary ASAs admin contexts will have the same configs, and thus IPs.

Thanks for any help in advance!


Re: Active/Active Configs

If the secondary unit boots without detecting the primary unit, it becomes the active unit. It uses its own MAC addresses for the active IP addresses. However, when the primary unit becomes available, the secondary unit changes the MAC addresses to those of the primary unit, which can cause an interruption in your network traffic. To avoid this, configure the failover pair with virtual MAC addresses. When the replication starts, the security appliance console on the active unit displays the message "Beginning configuration replication: Sending to mate," and when it is complete, the security appliance displays the message "End Configuration Replication to mate." During replication, commands entered on the active unit may not replicate properly to the standby unit, and commands entered on the standby unit may be overwritten by the configuration being replicated from the active unit. Avoid entering commands on either unit in the failover pair during the configuration replication process. Depending upon the size of the configuration, replication can take from a few seconds to several minutes.

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