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Active/Active Transparent MultiContext - questions

Hi there,

I have two ASA5400 and I'm trying to set them up in transparent mode / multiple context with active/active failover.

I was wondering if you had a) any advice on this - good or bad etc.. and b) when configured and I show failover within a context I see:

Failover On

Last Failover at: 15:26:51 UTC Jan 24 2006

This context: Active

Active time: 178137 (sec)

Interface outside ( Normal (Waiting)

Interface inside ( Normal (Waiting)

Peer context: Standby Ready

Active time: 78 (sec)

Interface outside ( Unknown (Waiting)

Interface inside ( Unknown (Waiting)

Is the status (waiting) a cause for concern in this configuration given that there is no IP address assigned to the inside or outside interfaces?

many thanks for responses.


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Re: Active/Active Transparent MultiContext - questions

It's defnitely a concern I guess you forgot to configure a standby IP address for the administrative interface in tranparent mode.

The following example sets the management address and standby address of a transparent firewall:

hostname(config)# ip address standby

"If you do not enter a failover IP address, the show failover command displays for the IP address, and monitoring of the interfaces remain in a "waiting" state. You must set a failover IP address for failover to work."

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Re: Active/Active Transparent MultiContext - questions

Thanks, I had failover configured in the system area on it's own interface, neglected to configure the standby within each context.


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Re: Active/Active Transparent MultiContext - questions

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