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Active/Standby failover automatic primary active

I have 2 ASAs 5510 with same physical configuration and running ok with active/standby failover mode. Like we have PREEMPT command in active/active failover to get back primary active after its been rebooted from failed mode. This command makes primary back to active and makes secondary firewall standby automatically.

Need help to know any such command for active/standby failover for automatic primary active. Currently we have to use command FAILOVER ACTIVE on primary to make it active manually.


Re: Active/Standby failover automatic primary active

no, this is not possible. you must manually move the original primary back to active.


Re: Active/Standby failover automatic primary active

Remember, failover in ASA works differently than HSRP. ASA does NOT use

HSRP. Furthermore, there is NO HSRP ip address in ASA either. You are

talking about two different technologies.

Think of it this way. HSRP technology works very similar to VRRP and

Juniper NSRP. All of these technologies use virtual IP address. If you

have two devices, you will have an Virtual IP address, in addition

to the physical ip addresses of the two devices. ASA does not use the

extra VIP.

Re: Active/Standby failover automatic primary active

For routers its possible to have failover by using HSRP, VRRP by using virtual IP.

But we can do the same thing in Firewall in active/active failover without virtual IP.

I just want some method to implement the same in active/standby failover. IF Any.

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