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Active/Standby not synchronising due to Access-list

Hi All,

I have found something weird. When I de-activate a rule (access-list) in ASDM, it adds the "inactive" keyword at the end of the access-list. This is standard and working thusfar. I also have the ASA's (7.0.2) in active/standby failover. With the above access-list present in the config, the standby ASA starts to reboot continuously, the error complaining about the config not being able to synchronise with the active ASA. It sees the "inactive" keyword as a wrong value for the logging option, and because the standby cannot download/sync its config with the active ASA and thus to prevent the standby to take over the active role with a wrong/outdated config, it reboots continiously. My question is, is this a bug with this version, or is this a problem. As soon as I delete or "activate" the access-list the standby "syncs" and al is well again...

Any takers...

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Re: Active/Standby not synchronising due to Access-list


I also have 2 asa boxes where the standby unit reboots continuesly. I dont have any inactive accesslists, im running 7.0.4 on both with a security plus license.

Can anybody help getting failover to work


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