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Adding AV/AS Rule for AVG 9

A while back I had TAC send me instructions for adding custom AV rule for AVG 8. I seem to have misplaced those (they're not lost - I just can't find em). Can someone post the steps that I will need to add AVG 9 as a custom rule for NAC? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adding AV/AS Rule for AVG 9

OK...This what you need to manually add the rules for AVG 9

If you just want to allow them if Avg9 is installed you can create a new registry check.

Device Management -> Clean Access -> Clean Access Agent -> Rules -> New Check.

Check Category: Registry Check

Check Type: Registry Key

Registry Key: HKLM : SOFTWARE\Avg\Avg9

Operator: exists

Choose your Operating Systems

Check the box to create a rule based on the new check.

Under your existing AV Requirement the new rule should now

show up under Requirement-Rules.

In order to check the AV Definitions as being current we can add :

Check Category: File Check

Check Type: File Date

File Path: SYSTEM_DRIVE : \Program Files\Avg\Avg9\sc.dat

Operator: later than

File Date: Cam date - 5 days

File Date Type: Modification date

Select Your OS' and Automatically create a rule based on the check.

Add this check to your existing AV definition requirement rules and make sure you have

"Any Select Rule Succeeds chosen.

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