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AES, VPN 3030, and Version 3.6

I saw an earlier conversation where it was stated that the VPN 3000 can do the AES encryption/de-encryption in hardware so there is not much to worry about with regards to a performance degradation. I tried this out today and found that while transferring the same throughput with 3DES vs. AES the CPU utilization on the VPN 3000 was at 3-4% for 3DES and 20-22% for AES. I cannot find anywhere in any of the documentation that says AES will be supported in hardware encryption with the SEP's. Also, does a code upgrade affect the SEP's at all?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: AES, VPN 3030, and Version 3.6

AES is software implementation at the moment for 3.6 code. It is being considered for hardware implementation but no definite commit as yet. You could put forward a request to your local Cisco AM to lobby for it.

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