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alias command

Hi there, I have an issue I am trying to figure out.

I have a PIX 506E.

I have an inside network of

I have some static 1-to-1 translations setup for a webserver that is behind the pix, and I have rules setup to open port 80. maps to

From the outside world, you can access http at

From the inside server, you can access http at

The problem is, from the inside, when you try to access the DNS name, which of course maps to, the system fails.

I used in old version pix os alias command and worked.

Now i use new pix os 6.3.3 and alias command is not supported.

what do i do now?

best regard

New Member

Re: alias command

If you have an internal DNS server you can fix it there so that it resolves correctly to the inside address. Another method for PIX 6.2 and later:

static (dmz,inside) translated_IP real_ip dns


static (dmz,inside) netmask dns

New Member

Re: alias command

Thank for your reply

but i wrong to write the question


i have to migrate from version 5 to version 6.3.3 os pix and the alias command is not supported.

I don't know that is the new command used now.

Thank a lot


alias (inside)

alias (inside)

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