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Allowing OSPF through PIX, for dynamic Internet backup

I am trying to setup an external router to advertise a default route with OSPF through a PIX to an inside router using 'default-information originate' (not always), this way the internal router will switch to a floating default static route pointing to another PIX connected to a DSL router for backup if the primary routers default route goes down.

Using static (inside,outside) and static (outside,inside) [PIX6.2] I am able to get each router to think it is on the same L2 segment as the other, then changing the OSPF network type to non-broadcast and setting neighbor statements I get the two routers to form an adjacency (shows FULL), however no routing information is being populated into either routing table. I have loopbacks with /32's defined on both routers and participating in OSPF, just so I could see if any network information was being passed. I can see the advertised networks of the other router in a 'show ip ospf database', but not in the routing table. I have an access-list on the PIX permitting OSPF traffic (ip protocol 89) between the routers, and it seems that hellos and LSAs are getting through.

Any ideas? It seems very close...

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Re: Allowing OSPF through PIX, for dynamic Internet backup

You cannot do it that way. Configure a GRE tunnel between the 2 OSPF routers through the PIX. If you want added security, you may also IPSec the GRE tunnel.

Following is a sample config



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