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Always-up IOS-to-CVPN Client VPN tunnel --Is this possible?

Hello experts.

I've been browsing the forum looking for an answer to this question. Most of the replies suggest either disabling keepalives or extending the time-period between them.

Based on our experience even when disabling keepalives, we've noticed the Cisco VPN Client connection goes down while passing traffic if the 86400 secs IKE phase I lifetime expires.

We know the VPN client profile config on the ASA does offer a couple of commands to enable an always-up tunnel. Can this be done with an IOS box?

Your help is greatly appreciated here!

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Re: Always-up IOS-to-CVPN Client VPN tunnel --Is this possible?

I am having the same issues. I have another post on here that talks about this, but on solution yet. If the remote end is an ASA then you won't have any issues. The only way I have solved this issue on the IOS routers is to set the ISAKMP and IPSEC lifetime to something below 40 minutes. The closer you get to 1 minutes you will notice that the VPN tunnel will not drop. The only reason I don't really want to do this is because I am not sure how this will affect my 5520 here at the Data Center if I have a lot of remote 1841's out there

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