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another pix question

1. supposed that my headend router with IP addess of, my pix IP

do I have to put static route on my head end router to route all other traffic to - to (which is my pix outside IP, checkpoint requires these static routes))? Thanks.

2.I configure inside interface IP as

ip address inside

in pix 515 with IOS version of 5.2(6) with no problem.

in Pix 520 with IOS version 6.3 (2)

I got the following warning with

warning: unable to add route to OSPF RIB

what does it mean?

Cisco Employee

Re: another pix question


1-- No, you dont have to put static routes, since these IP belongs to directly connected network.

2-- I think this is a cosmetic error.


Re: another pix question

what are you trying to do? x.x.x-4 through 254 is not a legitimate ip subnet. You can do what you are doing if you just use .4 thru .254 as global addresses in global commands on the pix. If you want to allocate them for internal subnets on the pix, you will likely need to carve out .1 and .2, and use a subnet mask on them for the outside int.

Are you using OSPF? Should you be? If you are getting errors re: ospf, you probably are

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