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Any future plans for USB port on PIX?


I know that this question is about inside Cisco information, but I am just curious if there are any plans to use the USB connector on Cisco PIX platforms (especially for the 501 and 506).

As some of you know, I'm from the Netherlands. In our country many broadband providers (DSL providers, as well as cable providers) deliver a modem with USB connector by default (modem with ethernet is also deliverable, but in most cases one would have to spend more money). So, condsidering this it would be great if the PIX 501 and 506 (often used for SOHO) could be connected to the provider modem using the USB connector.

Are there any plans in this direction?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Any future plans for USB port on PIX?

Hello Leo,

From my understanding and talking to Cisco, the USB port will come into play in the near future BUT have not been told of any specific date. Best bet is if Scott/Glenn are reading this can shed a little light on this.

Thanks - Jay.

Re: Any future plans for USB port on PIX?

Yeah, what Jay said ;)

I suppose it is possible to use the USB port in the future but as of now, we have no plans. There currently are no USB drivers in the PIX code. If you really want it, talk to your account team and give them a good reason. Most cable modems that I've seen have ethernet and USB so no real need from what I can tell. To be honest, the only reason you see a USB port on the 501/506 is becuase the motherboard we happen to use already had it ;)

Hope this helps.



Re: Any future plans for USB port on PIX?

Thanx for the reply Scott.

In my country (Netherlands) most ADSL users are connected via KPN, where customers can choose between USB or ethernet. KPN uses Alcatel Speedtouch series, which come in a USB or ethernet model, but not both.

I think I will do feature request on this then :-)



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