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Application Timeout !!!

Hi All ,

Just a small query , I have a PIX to PIX (site to site) VPN and I am able to successlly ping the server at site B from any computer from site A , but the main Application is loaded in the server at Site B.

The client Applications are loaded on all workstations on Site A.These applications tend to time out after 5 minuites of inactivity , these are Oracle based Applications called IFS which runs from the client machines.

I have done a continious ping ( with the ping x.x.x.x -t ) option in the Dos prompt of the client machine , and then run the client application , the Ping gets a continious reply but the application times out after 5 min.

Is it to do with any ISAKMP lifetime on the firewall or what I am not understanding , The Application works fine without any timeout on all the local machines at the Site B where the server is actually located.But from the machines on site A it times out ........

Any idea why It could be , or is it a VPN issue or an Application issue......

Please give your advice.....


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Re: Application Timeout !!!

Hi ,

One more thing forgot to tell you to try.

Try to ping with packet site 1300, 1400 ,1500 see it is timeout or not.

ping -l 1500

It might be a MTU issue. But I do not think the application will use very large packet to keepalive. Sniffer trace will be the best choice at this moment.

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Re: Application Timeout !!!

Modify your Oracle clients configuration

file to edit: sqlnet.ora

add this line: SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME=10

you'll find more info here:

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