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ARROWPOINT loadbalancer and pix

what is the proper placement of pix considering im natting all my internal web servers, and the arrow point want to see the public address on the outside interface, where do i place my pix as to avoid problems and avoid haveing to add a million rules due to a config change because of the!!!

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Re: ARROWPOINT loadbalancer and pix

What I did is put a private address on the outside subnet of the PIX and another on the inside. I kept the real addresses on the DMZ interface and put all my servers and load balancers out there. I statically mapped my virtual server addresses to the outside of the PIX and I setup static route statements in the PIX and outside router to get these packets directed back and forth between the PIX outside interface and the Internet router. Now when my users inside want to go to they go out through the PIX to the outside router, then back in to the DMZ. The advantage, huge. No special DNS considerations, no ‘alias’ing on the PIX, not routing issues. It just works and works well.

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