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AS 5814 problem

Problem:: A dial-in customer has to use the IP address from the pool I have defined in my RAS router. But some users by mistake are using static Ip addresses ( One of my Login Server IP address of that particular POP, which does not belong to the Dial-pool subnet I am routing from Ras )in their dial up adapters .

In this scenario they get connected to the Dial shelf but cannot browse as that ip is not of the routed block from Ras. But by getting connected on the ras this invalid ip address gets duplicated on my network with the valid ip address of the server on that POP. And hence all the services of that POP are stoped as other valid ip address users connected to the ras are not able to connect to my Login Server. And when I have to trace from the central location to the Server Ip address the trace goes out of the ras rather than reaching the desiginated server because of obvious reasons .

My Aim:: I want to somehow stop or Bar these users who are using this static address as I have no control on my users PC configuration Everytime I explain a user not to use this static configuration another one lands up with same static IP address and hence am in a very miserable state because of lot of POPs going down due to this duplication .

Please let me know if I can stop such users from getting connected to my ras and that only dynamicly configured users are hooked on to my N/W.


Re: AS 5814 problem

The focus of this board is Virtual Private Networks, however, there are a number of professionals online who may be able to assist you.

You may also want to speak with one of our TAC engineers by opening a case at

Thank you for posting.

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