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ASA 5505 VPN configuration question

I have a asa 5505 v7.2(3) asdm 5.2(3) th I am trying to get reconfigured after our cable company was bought out and they replaced the cable modem with a router. My asa now has a non routable "10" address on the outside instead of one of the 5 statics I have assigned to me. I have natted my servers, but I cannot get my vpn clients connected. I am not sure how to get one of my statics assigned to the asa to use for the VPN tunnel. Used to be I just tunneled to the static "outside" address with my Cisco VPN clients (remote pc's). I tried assigning one of my statics to the outside, but then I had no connectivity at all since there is a router now before me, where it was just a modem before. I am used to working on larger pix's with my own IP address range, and not used to dealing with DHCP assigned outside addresses, so I am sure it is something simple I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is for a small charity animal shelter, that has been down since the cable company made their "transparent change" when the bought another one out.

The ISP router has an interface with one of my static on the outside facing interface, and a 10 address on the interface directly connected to my ASA. The ISP router then assigns a 10 address to my outside interface on the ASA. I then have 192 addresses on my inside interfaces with statics for their servers. I am just not sure now how to connect my VPN clients since I do not have a routable outside address anymore. I have tried connecting to the static on the ISP hinking they might pass the packet, but they don't. I thought maybe a loopback could be assigned to the ASA, but could not see a way to do that. also the ethernet interfaces cannot have address assigned, only vlans, which there can only be two, and both are used (inside, outside) so I am out of ideas.

Thanks for any help

Thanks much


Re: ASA 5505 VPN configuration question

Hi Kevin

Your current design causes administrative overhead. You either need one-to-one mapping with outside int or a PAT which is forwarding UDP 4500 and TCP 10000 (may cause troubles in GRE)

Ask your ISP to configure the router in bridged mode and let your outside interface have the public IPs instead 10.x.x.x


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