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ASA 5510 and 2 WAN Links


I am trying to find out if I can configure an ASA 5510 to hold down 2 external WAN links for load balancing?

If it could load balance itself it would be good or could I do something based on the inbound source IP's (i.e. ip's to 20.100 go out one WAN connection and 20.101 to 20.200 go out another?

Any suggestions much appreciated.




Re: ASA 5510 and 2 WAN Links

ASA cannot do loadbalancing across two WAN links however you can configure it for redundancy across the two available links. To do load balancing you will need a router in front of ASA that can do load balancing.

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Re: ASA 5510 and 2 WAN Links

Hi friend:

What you want is not “load balance” it is call “load shear”, even to ASA in Active/Active failover can not doing “load balance” but they can do “load shear”, in your case you just can do redundant by doing two default route in you ASA with different metric , but to get the load balance you should put the two links in router and configure OSPF or EIGRP with your ISP .

So hope this help you friend

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Re: ASA 5510 and 2 WAN Links

Hi all

I am beginner in security with ASA appliance, but i have, an idea.

if your ASA 5510 is equiped with license "security plus" you can have 5 security context.

with 2 security contexts you can configure two logical firewall, wich have a independent configuration (inside,outsite,policy ...).

and you can configure each context to filter one connexion wan.

for each client, you can configure default getway with one of two inside ip addresses.

but this solution don't bring a very load balancing, this is a manually configured load balancing but it allows you to use your two wan connexions.

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