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ASA 5520 IPSec/NAT-T vs IPSec

My ASA 5520 has been working well for the past 6 months. Most of the clients connections are IPSec/NAT-T. Today one of my clients connected for the first time and they just connected IPSec. The IPSec client could not pass traffic across the VPN.

Thus I am trying to find answers to two questions:

1) What causes a client to connect IPSec instead of IPSec/NAT-T.

2) Why can't the IPSec client pass traffic?

Perhaps there is some documention available that explains this issue, however I have been unable to locate it.

Any assistance is appreciated.



Re: ASA 5520 IPSec/NAT-T vs IPSec

Allow clearance around the rack for maintenance. When mounting a device in an enclosed rack ensure adequate ventilation. An enclosed rack should never be overcrowded. Make sure that the rack is not congested, because each unit generates heat. When mounting a device in an open rack, make sure that the rack frame does not block the intake or exhaust ports.

If the rack contains only one unit, mount the unit at the bottom of the rack.

If the rack is partially filled, load the rack from the bottom to the top, with the heaviest component at the bottom of the rack.

If the rack contains stabilizing devices, install the stabilizers prior to mounting or servicing the unit in the rack.

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