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ASA and VoIP

I'm asking in advance, because i feel i'll have some problems with this. The scenario is the following. I have a network with Cisco VoIP (call manager and 2821 router). The router is the gatway to PSTN and the ISP and has a private IP address in the inside port. I'll be installing an ASA betweeen the 2821 and the internal network (Cisco 4500). There will be some changes in the addressing scheme. The ASA outside and the 2821 inside will have public ip addresses to make easier to use VPN's. So, what special cares should I have? Is there any major problem in giving the router a public address? Should the ASA have any special configuration in order to let the call manager reach the router? It's the first time i find this scenario, generally the router to ISP is not the same as the voice gateway

Thanks in advance


Re: ASA and VoIP

Yes, if the router is at the edge then it will require a public ip address.Try to provide more preference to voip traffic in the ASA, also check the asa software version and then check the version against bugs relateed to voip in

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Re: ASA and VoIP

I've also installed the ASA. Had some problems related with one way voice. Solved them bye placing static routes in the router for all the voice vlan's directly to the call manager, bypassing the ASA. Will this compromise the security? The ASA version is 7.1(2)

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