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ASA bandwidth monitoring via SNMP?

I've setup an ASA to allow SNMP polling from a monitoring host internally. I fired up an SNMP browser to see what kinds of information I could get, and tried to look at the supported MIBS that Cisco lists.

What I really want to get is the bandwidth utilization on the outside interface. If I connect with ASDM, it gives me a nice little summary of interface throughput, plus various graphs. So far, all I can find in the MIBs are packet counters, nothing for current/average/max throughput.

Can anyone point me to the right OID for this? Does it exist?

I'd really like to get a feel for how much of my bandwidth I'm using over time so I can plan for increasing it, and the outside interface of my firewall is the only real option I have.




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Re: ASA bandwidth monitoring via SNMP?

Looks like I found the answer after I got my SNMP monitoring software setup. The standard interface mibs do indeed cover this, it looks like it may have just required calculating the value based on the octet counters difference between each polling session, which my monitoring app handles for me.


Re: ASA bandwidth monitoring via SNMP?

some free/opensource programs that will graph bandwidth usage for you include MRTG and CACTI (just google them and you will find their homepages).

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