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ASA custom login page and custom authentication

Hi there,

1) Is there any support provided for uploading our own custom login pages to the ASA appliance? e.g. flash embeded html page

2) Can the ASA appliance be configured to redirect the authentication to a specific URL (our external web server which will do some means of authentication) and if successfully authenticated then our webserver will post the credentials back to the appliance login page. This way it will support multi-factor authentication.

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Re: ASA custom login page and custom authentication

I have the same issue that you have. We currently have a ISA server that allows users to connect and have there applications published for access. We also have users that need the Cisco SSL client in order to access some applications that can not be proxied. So I need a way to present the users with a login page that looks like our current ISA login page which is our company web page format we use. Can seem to customize the page the way I want it through the ASDM interfaece. It only allows you to follow a form to fill in additional text or images.

Really need a Cisco Developer to answer this question and provide a way to do this. Cisco is kinda behind the curveball with this ASA product if they are going to compete with Microsoft's ISA server that allows standards based web page customization.

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Re: ASA custom login page and custom authentication

Same for me. If you have a look at DfltCustomization in version 8.0 it seems that there's an undocumented way to customize all. I haven't achieved anything with that.


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Re: ASA custom login page and custom authentication

Hi srgraham and rbuyo and all,

Someone from Cisco mentioned that customization may not be a possibility. i.e uploading our own page.

But if ASA has some means of redirecting then it can hit our webserver where we can have our own login page.

I am looking at AAA authentication as well as SSO server for clientless VPN. Maybe redirecting is a possibility there. :-)

If you guys come across anythng pls do let me know as well.

Thanks a mucho

Bob :-)

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Re: ASA custom login page and custom authentication

I've achieved to load a custom html page in replacement of the /+CSCOE+/logon.html.

A simple "hello" page works but when getting the default one (save as.. from browser) and reimporting it back doesn't work.

Btw .. here's how to import custom contents

# import webvpn webcontent /+CSCOE+/logon.html ftp://xxxxxxx/+CSCOE+/logon.html

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