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ASA failover, L2 redundancy?

We are running active/active failover and multiple contexts with a topology similar to the "textbook" example

Here there is an active context on each side. With this scenario, either ASA can be taken out of the picture and both contexts continue to function on the remaining ASA. Great, fine, well and good. However...

If any one of the four switches in the examples fail, you lose an entire context on BOTH ASAs.

The switches could handle this scenario by using trunks instead of dedicated L2 links and having an interconnecting trunk between them (left to right, not top to bottom). The ASA interfaces can accept a tagged trunk as long as the tags are dedicated to a context, but as far as I know don't support any L2 redundancy -- or am I missing something?

The current setup has interface g0 receiving context1 from the left switch and interface g1 receiving context2 from the right switch. Could g0 receive a trunk (both contexts) from the left, while g1 receives a trunk (both contexts) from the right, and let STP magically failover the L2 feeds?


Re: ASA failover, L2 redundancy?

No , It's not possible.

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