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ASA software reliablity

Hi all

what is your experince with stablility and bug issues in the ASA software, is anyone running the newest 7.2 in a producation enviroment without problems ?

I have a some sites that I did upgread in the past, that had a lot of problems f.e. reboots every few houres, and other that crashed every other day.

and various minor problems

anyone had similar experince withe the newer ASA software

p.s. I am now running 7.0(6) at these locations without problems.



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Re: ASA software reliablity

Every site that we have (or had) running 7.2 or 7.1 software have experienced crashes (show crashinfo) and reboots. I had one site that I couldn't even install because the ASA was constantly crashing and rebooting as I was trying to configure it. I had another site that had 7.0(4) and was running fine. After I upgraded it to 7.2(1), the customer had constant internet access problems. I checked the ASA and it was crashing and rebooting every few hours. Everything cleared up after I downgraded it.

All of our customer sites that run 7.0 software are not having any problems.

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Re: ASA software reliablity

This sounds really nasty. Is 7.0(6) the latest version that doesn't have these problems?

Do all releases in the 7.1 and 7.2 series have crash problems?

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