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ASA SSH/Telnet issue

I'm running code 8.2(1) on both devices

I can confirm that the problem is reproducible

I can restore telnet and ssh access by removing and re-adding the relevant lines in in the config (via the ADSM CLI interface)


no telnet <subnet> <mask> INSIDE

telnet <subnet> <mask> INSIDE

With this config saved, I reload the current active router, causing the other device to become active, and the same problem occurs. I cant get back in to the new active device on telnet or SSH.

ASDM is fine, and I can verify that the commands that should exist, do exist in the configuration by checking the ADSM CLI interface

if I remove them and re add them through the same ASDM CLI interface, I can get back in again


Re: ASA SSH/Telnet issue

You can enable Telnet to the security appliance on all interfaces. However, the security appliance enforces that all Telnet traffic to the outside interface be protected by IPsec. In order to enable a Telnet session to the outside interface, configure IPsec on the outside interface to include IP traffic that is generated by the security appliance and enable Telnet on the outside interface.

Note: In general, if any interface that has a security level of 0 or lower than any other interface, then PIX/ASA does not allow Telnet to that interface.

Note: It is not recommended to access the security appliance through a Telnet session. The authentication credential information, such as password, is sent as clear text. The Telnet server and client communication happens only with the clear text. Cisco recommends to use SSH for a more secured data communication.

New Member

Re: ASA SSH/Telnet issue

Hi Patel,

I have the same problem also. But the different is I can't telnet or using ASDM CLI to configure the PIX. It seems related to telnet demon problem. Also I have already tried enter:

no telnet INSIDE

telnet INSIDE

But the result is failed. Any people has the same issue and how can fix it?

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