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ASA SSL VPN issues

I have a couple issues trying to use the clientless SSL VPN. Mostly when trying to use the RDP plugin.

1. Issues with newer versions. Verson 1.6 doesn't work. When the RDP window opens, its just a little part of the title bar with the min/max/close buttons and nothing else. Trying to adjust the size using the connection paramaters to adjust the size makes no difference.

2. Issue using the new RDP plugin. I grabbed the newer RDP plugin from Cisco and when trying to use it I get an error with not being installed by windows. Looking at that more closely it looks like the certificate on that cab has expired so windows won't install it unless changes to the workstation are made (lower security for Active X and such). Thats not easy for a remote user. I'm currently using ASA 8.0(2) and ASDM 6.0(2). Cisco's release notes for 8.0(3) mention this issue is resovled with that release, has anyone seen this resolved that way?

What I am trying to accomplish is configuring the SSL clientless so that it can be accessed from workstations outside out network that don't require users to change any settings.

For Example:

If a user's home PC has the newest version of Java, and XP firewall, with normal security settings, then that user would not be able to RDP to the machine they need to use to work from home.

Any ideas/thoughts solutions would be much appreciated!

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Re: ASA SSL VPN issues

It may be that a ip address pool is not assigned to the default webvpn group:

tunnel-group DefaultWEBVPNGroup general-attributes

address-pool testpool

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