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ASA Webvpn and hosts.webvpn

When I try to connect to a server via the hostname configured in port forwarding it fails. When I look at the hosts and hosts.webvpn files there are no entries for the servers configured. Both files do exist.

Is there something that needs to be done in the configuration of the ASA?

I thought it might be something like windows defender but disabled it and it did not help.

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Re: ASA Webvpn and hosts.webvpn

The hosts file on your local system maps IP addresses to host names. When you start Application Access, WebVPN modifies the hosts file, adding WebVPN-specific entries. Stopping Application Access by properly closing the Application Access window returns the file to its original state.

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Re: ASA Webvpn and hosts.webvpn

I understand what the hosts file is for. The current problem is that mine is not being modified. The webvpn.hosts is an exact replica of the hosts no additional entries. How can I troubleshoot this?

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