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ASA with MAC\Safari issue

Good Afternoon,

We have a strange issue going on with our network environments.

We are trying to rollout an application that is 3rd party web-based and it has multiple Java object based videos. The application is hosted by Skillsoft called Skillport.

The issue we are running into is very strange. We cannot jump from Video to video when we are running Mac OSX 10.7.5 with any version of Java. The only way we can get it to work is by disabling Java Cache and clearing the saved cache.

Also if we upgrade to Mac OSX 10.8.5 (mountain lion) it works without having to disable clearing cache or anything. This also works 100% of the time on Windows.

Now the reason i say its somethign withour network because when we take the MAC OSX 10.7.5 off net it works out a problem with or without Java cache on.

The common denomenator on our corporate network is we run Cisco ASA's for our firewall\security solution. We currently dont have any URL FIltering or redirection and we do not have any web caching service either.

We previously had to clear timestamps for a Java based ADP application for hte Macintosh computers but that fix does not appear to be working with this application.


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Re: ASA with MAC\Safari issue

Turn on logging on the ASA and look for corresponding logs while you access the problematic website.

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