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ASA5505 - Inside hosts accessing ASA's external interface.

Hello everyone,


I'm struggling with the following issue for days and would very much appreciate your help:


I have a ASA5505 that does NAT for inside hosts for internet access and also forwards some ports from the external interface to an inside host server (tcp 25, 80, 143, etc). I need my inside hosts to be able to access the inside server via its external DNS name (, so we can have a single configuration in our e-mail clients (smtp server: that would work both from the Outside (Internet) and the internal LAN. 


The ASA however discards the packets, packet-tracer shows the following:


Note: 82.79.xx.xx is the ASA's external IP address where there is some port forwarding (NAT) done to an internal server (port 143, 25, others)


# packet-tracer input Company_LAN tcp 11000 82.79.xx.xx 143 detailed

Phase: 1
Result: ALLOW
Implicit Rule
Additional Information:
 Forward Flow based lookup yields rule:
 in  id=0xcb343210, priority=1, domain=permit, deny=false
        hits=145773, user_data=0x0, cs_id=0x0, l3_type=0x8
        src mac=0000.0000.0000, mask=0000.0000.0000
        dst mac=0000.0000.0000, mask=0100.0000.0000
        input_ifc=Company_LAN, output_ifc=any

Phase: 2
Subtype: input
Result: ALLOW
Additional Information:
in   82.79.xx.xx identity

Phase: 3
Result: DROP
Implicit Rule
Additional Information:
 Forward Flow based lookup yields rule:
 in  id=0xcb343890, priority=0, domain=permit, deny=true
        hits=1175, user_data=0x9, cs_id=0x0, use_real_addr, flags=0x1000, protocol=0
        src ip/id=, mask=, port=0
        dst ip/id=, mask=, port=0, dscp=0x0
        input_ifc=Company_LAN, output_ifc=any

input-interface: Company_LAN
input-status: up
input-line-status: up
output-interface: NP Identity Ifc
output-status: up
output-line-status: up
Action: drop
Drop-reason: (acl-drop) Flow is denied by configured rule


I'm pretty sure this is some default ASA behavior or default ACL which i'm not aware of..

Any advice is greatly appreciated !


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This feature is not available

This feature is not available on the ASA. But there are two "native" ways to solve that problem:

  1. Configure on your internal DNS with the internal IP.
  2. Use DNS-doctoring. For that you add the keyword "dns" to the NAT-statement for your internal server. But that works only with 1:1 NAT and not with port-forwarding.


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Thank you for your advice. 

Thank you for your advice. 


There is no internal DNS Server at the moment, clients are configured to access DNS servers provided by the ISP. I have found some documentation on "NAT Hairpinning", is this a solution applicable to ASA software version 8.4(2)? If so, can you please provide one example command?


Edit: perhaps a static nat to redirect any requests from inside hosts for the ASA's external IP 82.79.xx.xx to internal server?

Thank you,

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Solved via following set of

Solved via following set of commands:


!--- Enable Hairpinning
same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

object network Company_Network

object network
 host 82.79.xx.xx

object network Company_Server

 nat (Company_LAN,Company_LAN) source dynamic Company_Network interface destination static Company_Server

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