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ASA5505 Remote VPN Unable to connect

I am new to Cisco Security products. I have an ASA5505 ASA Version 7.2(2) ASDM Version 5.2(2). I have a basic configuration working so that I can connect through the ASA5505 to the Internet. I am now trying to set-up a Remote VPN connection using Cisco VPN Client (Version Client Transport options, enable transparent tunneling, IPSec over TCP, TCP PORT 10000. The PC OS is XP Pro SP2. The XP Firewall is off.

When I try to connect via VPN, the following error is displayed, "Secure VPN connection terminated locally by client. Reason 414 failed to establish a TCP connection". The Client log displays "Unable to establsh TCP connection on port 10000 with Server

The connection on the Outside port of the ASA5505 is to a BT Voyager 220V ADSL Router. The Router is then connected to a BT ADSL line. The Routers Static Internet address is LAN Address The ASA5505 outside address is Inside address The LAN the ASA5505 is connected to is

When trying to connect via VPN, the VPN LED on the ASA5505 shows no activity. The log on the ASA5505 shows no messages related to VPN. The VPN statitics are all zero. Therefore it looks like the ASA5505 does not see the VPN connection trying to establish at all. Is the problem therefore the configuration of the BT Router ? Does the Router need to be in Bridging Mode ?


Re: ASA5505 Remote VPN Unable to connect

The address you are trying to VPN to is in the same network and so the VPN is failing. VPN from an outside network or change the address of the device you are trying to vpn to some different network and then try again.

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