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I have made an ASA5505 to run an SSL WebVPN with self installing AnyConnect VPN Client. When I connect a client to the VPN I can see in the log that the asa box Teardown ane connection the client tries to make.

Fx. "Teardown ÚDP connection 7497 for Outside: to Outside: duration 0:00:00 bytes 0 (user1)"

And this is what it does everytime I try to do connect to something on the client. Client connected to the inside network can easilly do everything.

I need to Tunnel everything from the VPN network through the ASA box. I have kinda hit a stall here and have no idea what to try more :) Hope someone can help me.

I have attatched the current running config. Had a little problem with the attaching, both txt's are the same.

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Re: ASA5505 SSL WebVPN

I got the problem fixed now. Needed a line in the config that allowed traffic between two interfaces and networks on the same security level;

same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

So, now I have connection to the outside when connected to VPN. I do not have any connection fram my VPN network to my inside network.

When I connect to the VPN the log gets spammed with this message:

"No translation group found for udp src Outside: dst Outside:"

I do have a connection to the internet(Outside) but still the log shows this.

I have made NAT on my inside network and my VPN network to the Outside interface, so have no idea why I get this message ??

I have attatched the new running con with the different changes I have made. Hope someone can give me some ideas what to try :)


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