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Auto-Connect 3.x Client to 3000 Concentrator?

Hi -

Trying to cost-effectively deploy a Cisco VPN client-to-concentrator connection for an unattended Win2K workstation. Problem is, being unattended, there's no way to manually initiate the connection back to the concentrator, to do a periodic database dip. So, I guess my question is two-fold:

- Is there a Cisco-sanctioned/supported way to make CVPN client do a scripted/scheduled auto-connect (presuming IP connectivity of course, though that also needs to be a scripted dial-up)? I'm not aware of that as an available capability, but that wouldn't be the first time I missed something.

- Aside from whether it's a normal/supported thing to do, has anyone seen something like that custom-scripted on the Windows side? We're talking about a MSDE environment with some pretty Windows-savvy people, but I would rather know it CAN be done before we try to spend the time to custom build it.

Disclaimer: I know a router-to-router connection would be a whole lot more appropriate for this kind of situation, but I wasn't really asked about the right way.

Thanks in advance...


Cisco Employee

Re: Auto-Connect 3.x Client to 3000 Concentrator?

Yep, you missed it :-)

See It talks about using this on wireless LANs, but I believe it works on standard LAN connections as well, although I must admit I haven't tested it personally.

The profile that it references on the client could also include a dial-up connection entry, so the dialup portion should also work (again, haven't tested that on auto-initiation but I don't see why it would be any different).

Note that if this is an unattended workstation, you'll have to create a group on the 3000 that doesn't have any user authentication and have that workstation connect to that group, otherwise it'll be sitting there waiting for someone to type in a usernamne/password before bringing up the tunnel.

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