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Auto port enable/disable

I have a remote location using a Cisco 851 Broadband router.

The location is used only one day a week by our company and by others the rest of the week.

Right now I am enabling/disableing the ports on the router so that no-one can use it except for our company.

Is there a way to automatically have the ports turn up/down on the day my staff is there?

I was thinking of only allowing the MAC's from the laptops they take out to the site access.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Auto port enable/disable

Don't know about the 851 ports but you will not be able to get a layer 2 access list to work on a routed port. I have had to put in bridge groups to get that to work.

A couple of suggestion.

You could put in a static arp so that your mac addresses were always set to ips and then restict the ip addresses allowed to pass though the router.

Another method of doing this is what cisco call LOCK AND KEY. You basically telnet to the router and if you are authenticated then it opens up a path to the network for that IP address for a period of time. I had seen this done with a web browser but don't remember if it was on a IOS based platform.

If you always know the days of the week in advance and it doesn't change a simple time based access list would be the easiest.

Re: Auto port enable/disable

Hello there,

so, you need to restric access in a specific time?

this might help:

Time-Based ACLs Using Time Ranges

You can use it to make the Access-list valid on the time you need.


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