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Auto Upgrade


I am trying to figure out how i can upgrade my VPN clients to latest version (for Concentrator 3015). When i check, i found out that we could send notification to user about the upgrade. Has anyone tried to upgrade the clients using this? How does this exactly work? The site says user will get a url, from which they need to download the client version, will this URL be in the internal network or will it be on internet? I don’t want to try this on production env, if I add the client update, will it be applicable to all the groups.

Cisco Employee

Re: Auto Upgrade

At the moment the client upgrade is still a very manual process. You can send them a notification with a URL in it, but basically this would just be a web page that you'd make up (generally on an internal web server), that would have a link to download the new client and instructions on how to install it (and uninstall the old one).

It is still dependent on the user actually doing all this. The only thing that would make them do it is that the annoying pop-up window would stop displaying if they upgraded, but it's still pretty easy for them to just close the pop-up every time it comes up.

A proposed feature for the v5.x client is auto-update, so we are thinking about easier ways to do this, but currently there is no automatic process, sorry.

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Re: Auto Upgrade

Hi ,

Thanks for your help.

If i configure notification, for upgrading the clients, will that notification be sent to all groups.

Cisco Employee

Re: Auto Upgrade

Oops sorry, forgot to answer that point.

Yes, if you configure this then anyone in any group that doesn't have a valid version will get the pop-up.

Also, this automatic update DOES work for 3002s (HW client), just not SW clients.

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Re: Auto Upgrade

I have tried extensively to get the notifications to work but so far I have been unsuccessful.


VPN Client ver. 3.5.2 on WinXP home part of GroupB

Client Update Options:

Client Type:"WinNT"

URL:"http://x.x.x.x/newversion.exe" (internal url)Revisions:"http://x.x.x.x/newversion.exe"

Once theses are set I click the send notification after choosing GroupB. The concentrator message "The connected clients in that group will receive a notice that they need to update their software." but the clients never receive any notifications any suggestions or ideas? I would love the ability to point our users to a URL so they can help themselves, they are quite savvy and would be able to figure out the rest if some simple instructions (like currently) were included.


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