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Automatic Deployment of Upgraded Cisco Secure Services Client


I am looking for tips on how to upgrade the Cisco Secure Services Client from 5.1.1 to 5.1.x. I have to hit several hundred users, so a preference would be for an automated method. However, I have seen some very strange things from this software in my time, so I would love some hands-on experience to tap into.

Just as background, CSSC is strange software. For example, if I want to install a new version on a computer that already has the CSSC installed, I have to first uninstall the CSSC that is in place. Well, this kills my network connection because I can no longer authenticate to the network since CSSC was my 802.1x supplicant.

Why is this a problem? The installer for CSSC checks for, I'm not kidding, a "My Documents" folder and, in our case, the "My Documents" folder is... wait for it ... on the network. Therefore, the installer bombs out and the user is locked out of the network until a network administrator can disable NAC and allow the install to complete.

This is Bad Design.

So you can see why I'm a little freaked out about rolling upgrades out to 700 people and, eventually, 1400 more.

Any tips? We have Windows stuff out the wazoo, but I'm not sure exactly which packages we're using to deploy software (I don't handle that at all). I think we're using Windows Configuration Management Service or something like that. Software Update is always bugging me about this patch or that, so that must be our method.

Can I deploy this thing totally offline? In other words, is the only way to deploy it to push the software msi to the desktops and then script an uninstall and install that doesn't rely in any way on the network? I'm guessing that's possible, but it will be up to me as the network architect to give the service desk management people an idea on how to do it.

Thanks and kind regards,

Scott Partee

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