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Automatic Ip logging


how can I adjust the automatic ip logg (duration or/and size) on the CSPM?

Some of the IDS deamons stop somtimes, and the CSPM can't restart these. Sometimes, it needs to restart the deamons manually on the Sensor. Any advice?

(CSPM 2.3.3i & IDS-4235 3.1(3)S39)


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Re: Automatic Ip logging

In CSPM you would need to add a statement to the EPILOGUE section of the sensors generated configuration.

This statement would be appended to the end of packetd.conf as opposed to the default setting which is set at the beginning of packetd.conf.

So when the sensor restarts it reads the entries in packetd.conf sequentially, it reads the NumberOfMinutes settings at the beginning of the file, and then reads the new setting at the end of the file.

Never found a use for the Prologue section, but the Epilogue is unvaluable for over-riding CSPM defaults.

I know I'm vague, I'm away from my sensors and can't look up the actual line in the packetd.conf file that specifies the number of minutes to log, but it's easy to spot, just copy it and put it in the Epilogue section of the Generated configuration for your sensor.

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Re: Automatic Ip logging

Thanks for the answer! It's work properly!

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