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Automating VPN Client

We are using the 4.6 VPN Client for our users that travel with their business notebooks.

I am trying to make the VPN Client more user-friendly for our staff when transitioning from our domain to a remote a hotel room with an ethernet jack.

We use an internet proxy while connected to the domain...I configured a proxy script that automatically detects the connected IP and applies the proxy as needed. No problem there.

After logging in to the computer (OFF-LAN), I would like the VPN to offer a connection. I would only want this to happen if another connection is available for the VPN.

If VPN is not connected AND the computer is OFF-LAN, when the user opens Outlook I'd like the connection to either be offered or automatic with notification.

Any ideas?


Re: Automating VPN Client

The VPN Client uses parameters that must be uniquely configured for each remote user of the private network. Together these parameters make up a user profile, which is contained in a profile configuration file (.pcf file) in the Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\Profiles directory (if the software installed in the default location) in the VPN Client user's local file system. These parameters include the remote server address, IPSec group name and password, use of a log file, use of backup servers, and automatic Internet connection via Dial-Up Networking.

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