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Automating VPN Connections


My situation:

I have several SQL scripts that need to execute on a daily basis. I login via VPN to a remote location and run programs that connect to a SQL 2000 database and pull the needed data.

My problem:

I would really like this to run completely automated. The only thing standing in my way is the VPN part. I would like to find a way for VPN to execute automatically when my pc starts up or create a VPN connection using my program (VFP 7.0). Is this possible?

I am running Cisco Systems VPN 4.0 on Windows 98, but we also use WinXp.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.




Re: Automating VPN Connections

You can have the vpn start up before system logon, and you can enable applications to run before that. You can have to start before logon (I think you can hack the .pcf connection entry to store any usernames and passwords in it), and have your scripts execute via the startup group.

One way to automate the nearly unautomatable in windows is Windows Script Host (WSH). I have written scripts that use the WSH SendKeys method to have actual keystrokes sent to the machine. You need to sit down with a pad and paper to write down every single keystroke, but it is feasible. You could write a vbs script using WSH methods to fire up the client, keystroke in any usernames / passwords, and then kick of sql scripts

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