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Backing up 4215 Config

I have a TFTP server, and I can't find any documentation on backing up the config file from the Cisco 4215 IDS sensor. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!

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Re: Backing up 4215 Config

Here you go:

Step 1 Log into the CLI using an account with administrator privileges.

Step 2 Save the current configuration:

sensor# copy current-config backup-config

The current configuration is saved in a backup file.

Step 3 Display the backup configuration file:

sensor# more backup-config

The backup configuration file is displayed.

Step 4 You can either merge the backup configuration with the current configuration, or you can overwrite the current configuration.

To merge the backup configuration into the current configuration:

sensor# copy backup-config current-config

To overwrite the current configuration with the back-up configuration:

sensor# copy/erase backup-config current-config

Copying to a TFTP server

sensor# copy backup-config tftp

If this answers your question, then please close and rate. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Backing up 4215 Config

The copy command does not support tftp as a copy destination.

If you want to copy to a remote box you will need to use either ftp or scp.

For example:

copy current-config ftp://user@

For more information on the copy command refer to:

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