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Backup route with VPN with 3002 and 3000 Conecentrator.

I have a VPN setup between a Hardware 3002 and the 3000 Concentrator. I also have a separate 1602 router at the same site as the 3002 which has a 56k leased line to the same site as the 3000 Concentrator which I want to use as a backup connection in case the VPN goes down. I can't figure out how to setup the 3002 unit to route to the 1602 in case of Internet failure. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Backup route with VPN with 3002 and 3000 Conecentrator.


I think you can not do it on the 3002 because you can not config routing protocol on it.

VPN 3005 above can config RIP and OSPF, then enable "reverse routing ejection", let it eject routes into the RIP or OSPF. In the 1602 runing same routing protocol.

Config dialer-watch in the 1601 to watch those remote network routes.

When those routes down, that means VPN tunnel down, it will trigger the 56K to backup dial up.

I think above 12.2(4) YA code, 1601 support easy VPN feature, it can function like a 3002 hardware client.

In the same router, you should be able to use reverse-routing ejection and dialer watch together to watch the VPN connection from 1601 itself.

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