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Bandwidth / Resource Consumption / Measurement?

We have a 10MB internet connection via a 2621, connected to a 3030. (Yes, that's a giant over-simplification.)

Perhaps 60 PIX remote clients and various sw clients connect, as well as our normal outgoing, plus client incoming, traffic.

Recently we have noticed poor, and intermittent, connectivity performance when internet browsing out.

How might I get a handle on how much of our pipe is being used, and some rough breakdowns. e.g.

- on the 2621 how can I get a sense of bandwidth usage?

- on the 3030 how can I get a sense of VPN usage. (Beyond the button on the front, and the stats. page in the monitor.)

- on the NT firewall, there's performance measures, but I'm not quite sure what to measure, or what it's telling me.

There is no inclination here to spend any significant amount on funky software, if I even knew what software to look for. (But let me know anyways so I can ballpark it for them.)

I assume there's nothing in this area on the Cisco devices themselves. (Unlike the PIX?)

I guess what I really need is a point to a primer on what this stuff is all about. Available stats., what/where/when/how, collection, measurement, interpretation, etc.


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Re: Bandwidth / Resource Consumption / Measurement?

The way that I know of doing this (on the conc) is to use the Bandwidth Managemant screen. If you are using v3.6 and up, enable a bandwidth policy on the concentrator. Next, go to Monitoring > Statistics > BandwidthManagement Screen. You can get most of your data here. To see how to set up a policy, see

For the PIX the same information can be obtained using PDM. Another option is to use Cisco Works using which you could obtain graphical reports and that should give you all the information you need.

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