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Basic VPN Solution

Hi, I'm new to the VPN game, please have patience with a newbie.

I need to setup a simple VPN with 1 or 2 remote users.

I don't need to much security, a simple user name and password would be adequate. Don't want certificates or the like.

I don't want to have to setup a VPN Server, I would prefer that the access router take care of all VPN details.

Once a user is connected, I want the user to have full access to the peer to peer network. After the VPN connection is made, I just need to Map a drive from a shared drive on a Win98 box to the VPN client. Just trying to get access to a MS Access database.

Client can get an ADSL line, they have a wireless solution right now.

OK, what is the most inexpensive hardware I need? I'm guessing the Cisco 827, but the online dox dont talk much about setting up a VPN with it.

Do I have to buy the Cisco VPN client software, or can I use Microsofts built in VPN software?

Any other details in setting up a basic VPN would be appreciated. I am not computer & network illiterate, just haven't done a VPN before. The articles online at the cisco web site seem fairly advanced, more geared to enterprise solutions, couldn't find anything on setting up a "simple" VPN.


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Re: Basic VPN Solution


Perhaps you might want to consider using Microsoft(PPTP),as the VPN is achieved at software Level instead of configuring it @ Hardware Level(Router).

Otherwise see the advice given on the previous scenario the subject: VPN TO BUSINESS CLIENT. That might direct in the right direction.

For more info on below view the (MS PPTP whitepapers)

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a network protocol that enables the secure transfer of data from a remote client to a private enterprise server, creating a virtual private network (VPN ) by using TCP/IP-based data networks. PPTP supports multiple network protocols (IP, IPX, and NetBEUI) and can be used for virtual private networking over public and private networks. You can use PPTP to provide secure, on-demand, virtual networks by using dial-up lines, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), or the Internet and other public, TCP/IP-based networks.

I hope this has helped....

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Re: Basic VPN Solution

Good Point. If you are running an NT 4.0 domain internally, you can even install radius services (included in the option pak) on a domain controller and have the pix or ios firewall authenticate pptp users that way. I have found that this is a good alternative for remote users who have trouble establishing des & 3des vpn connections. Also, the pptp software is free with 98 and 2000

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